BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup - 20th February | BAJ

BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup – 20th February

BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup – 20th February

Here at the British Academy of Jewellery we like to stay up to date with what’s happening in the jewellery and design world. Welcome to the next instalment of our BAJ Digest – a weekly series dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest news.

Source: Mining Technology
Source: Mining Technology

Mining companies and the war against man-made diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds is one of the hottest topics in the jewellery industry right now, with the market split on whether they are a blessing or a curse. Find out more about these man-made gems and the steps being taken to make sure they don’t slip through the net undisclosed.

View the full article at Mining Technology.

Source: Evening Standard
Source: Evening Standard

The return of jewellery designer Dominic Jones

He was the cool fashion crowd’s favourite jeweller and tipped by Anna Wintour, but after a heady few years in the spotlight, Dominic Jones disappeared. Now the British designer is back and heading up design at wholesale jewellery brand Astley Clarke – how will this unusual pairing pan out?

View the full article at Evening Standard.

Source: The Jewellery Editor

Rare collection of star rubies heads to auction

Serious gem fans might have come across a star sapphire, but what about a star ruby? Find out more about these spectacular gems – one of which has been valued at more than £32m – and the geological phenomenon called asterism that creates the distinctive star pattern.

View the full article at The Jewellery Editor.

Source: Wallpaper*
Source: Wallpaper*

La Maison Couture and Rock Vault link up at London Fashion Week

The problem with the most exciting jewellery is that it can be hard to convince retailers to take a chance on it. La Maison Couture recognises this, and in a bid to redress the balance it is setting up a section of its online store dedicated to this season’s trendsetting Rock Vault jewellers.

View the full article at Wallpaper*.

Source: The Guardian
Source: The Guardian

Diamond rings sparkle for the internet generation

Did you know that some jewellery shoppers are willing to spend more than £120,000 on a diamond ring online without ever having seen it before it’s dispatched for delivery? Or click and collect on purchases worth £500,000? This case study on 77 Diamonds makes for interesting reading.

View the full article at The Guardian.

Source: Elle Australia

Is hoodie jewellery this year’s next big accessory trend?

It has been proved time and again that you can bejewel pretty much anything, and it would seem that the latest item to benefit from a jeweller’s touch is the strings on your hoody. What do you think? Would you buy them? Would you make them?

View the full article at Elle Australia.

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