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BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup - 7th August | BAJ

BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup – 7th August

BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup – 7th August

Here at the British Academy of Jewellery we like to stay up to date with what’s happening in the jewellery and design world. Welcome to the next instalment of our BAJ Digest – a weekly series dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest news.

A picture of designers sat in a room, including Shaun Leane, Stephen Webster and Theo Fennell.

Can ‘The Leopards’ become the Oscars of jewellery?

A veritable powerhouse of jewellery influencers have combined forces to create a new awards ceremony that they hope will become the gold standard for British jewellery design talent. Find out who has joined this ambitious leap of Leopards, and what their plans are for the first round, which will be held in November.

View the full article at Business of Fashion

Last wearing black and white top

MIT created tiny robots that can change the look of your clothing in seconds

This Project Kino concept is definitely worth a watch if you have a spare minute. Click through to the video and see jewels, powered by tiny motors, move around to change the look of outfits, turn a brooch into a necklace or even pull your hood down when it stops raining. Transformable jewellery just got a modern reboot.

View the full article at Pop Sugar.

Two designers posing

The Goldman and Marc Jacobs alums who raised $2.6 million for a jewellery startup say their early choices made them more appealing to investors

Starting out as a jewellery designer requires you to scale one very big hurdle early on: how the hell to finance it? Looking beyond your own bank account can help, but where to start? Get some tips from successful young entrepreneurs Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui of AUrate on how to lure investors.


View the full article at Yahoo Finance

Gold items in jewellery shop window

Demand in gold jewellery grows in Q2

Good news. Demand for gold jewellery is on the rise across the globe, despite a drop in demand for other forms of the precious metal. Figures from the World Gold Council, released on a regular basis, show that demand increased 8% in the second quarter of the year. Leading the surge was the Indian jewellery market.

View the full article at Jewellery Focus.

Reverse-set gemstones: the spiky edge of style

It’s punk. It’s luxe. It’s edgy. Whatever way you look at it, gemstones turned on their head make for a fantastically bold statement. Get some inspiration on the different ways to apply this rebellious technique, from Hemmerle and JAR’s full blankets of coloured gemstones to Nirav Modi’s upside-down diamond rings.

View the full article at The Jewellery Editor.

Jewellery embraces the great outdoors

From the juicy blackberries at Dolce & Gabbana to the rolling waves that inspired Chanel’s Flaying Cloud collection: it is to nature that jewellery designers are looking. Veteran fashion journalist Suzy Menkes rounds up her favourite of the new crop of jewels paying homage to flora and fauna. Dior is a particular treat.

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