BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup – 17th Dec

BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup – 17th Dec

Here at the British Academy of Jewellery we like to stay up to date with what’s happening in the jewellery and design world. Welcome to the next instalment of our BAJ Digest – a weekly series dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest news.


NAJ celebrates members with 2018 awards ceremony

The National Association of Jewellers gathered some of the biggest names in the industry at a hotel in Sollihul, just outside Birmingham, for its annual awards. Awarding those of its members who have shone throughout the year, gongs such as retailer and designer of the year were handed out. There were also awards that celebrate what happens behind the scenes, such as trophies for the best workshop employee, sales person and service provider.

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Largest known diamond in North America found in Canada

Miner Dominion Mines has unearthed the largest diamond ever to be recovered in North America. The 552ct yellow diamond was discovered at the Diavik mine in Canada. Its journey to the surface was a bumpy one, and the rough gem shows signs of a struggle. Dominion Mines has said that it will not sell the gem in the rough, and is instead looking for a partner to work with to cut this historic diamond.

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The Duchess of Sussex’s Pippa Small jewellery has a sweet connection to Prince Charles

The British Fashion Awards had plenty of superstars in attendance, but the most exciting moment was when the Duchess of Sussex stepped on stage to present an award. Meghan Markle is always one to make a statement with her fashion and is known for her ethical choices. To complement her black Givenchy gown, the Duchess chose jewellery from Pippa Small. The golden jewels were from the British designer’s Turquoise Mountain collection that is made by an artisan collective in Afghanistan.

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Fake jewellery store thieves are the latest prank video to go viral in China

Jewellery rarely goes viral, but it has been the subject of much YouTube hilarity over the past week. A craze has developed in China, where women walk into jewellery stores and ask to try on jewellery. The funny part is when, as soon as the requested jewel is on their person, they take off and run towards the door of the shop – halting suddenly to look at a mirror near the exit. The funnier part is the reaction of the shop assistants, who fly over the counters in pursuit only to swing around and pretend they weren’t doing anything of the sort when they release the browser has not turned thief.

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A bug’s life

One of the biggest trends for jewellery in 2019 will be bugs, but while this creepy-crawly motif has been shining from jewellery boxes for sometime, next year it’s about to get dark. The new-season bug isn’t pretty and benign, but ugly and nightmarish. While you can expect a swarm of new collections next year, some of the trendsetters, such as Jessica Pass and Annoushka, are already rolling out these gruesome jewels.

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Meet Alan Crocetti: a fiery and ridiculously talented jewellery designer

Walking out on your degree just before you graduate is not advice that should be heeded, but this moment of fiery passion led Brazilian designer Alan Crocetti to switch lanes from fashion to jewels. The London-based jewellery designer is now stocked at a clutch of top shops and his jewels are challenging gender roles with provocative unisex designs.

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