BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup – 29th Oct

BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup – 29th Oct

Here at the British Academy of Jewellery we like to stay up to date with what’s happening in the jewellery and design world. Welcome to the next instalment of our BAJ Digest – a weekly series dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest news.


Platinum jewellery is now 3D-printed in South Africa

Jewellery manufacturing news from South Africa as platinum producer Lonmin teams with three universities to figure out how to print jewels directly in platinum. While 3D printing in gold has been available for some time, platinum has proved trickier as the powder needed to make the system work is incredibly dense.

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Lil Wayne necklace helps art student pay university fees

Joy Bonfield-Colombara, who designs jewellery under the brand name Joy BC, was a student at the Royal College of Art and struggling to pay her fees when an email requesting a commission for a friend’s birthday turned her world upside down. The friend in question was rapper Lil’ Wayne, and the customer ordering the piece wanted his head carved out of gold, with two pear-shaped diamonds in place of his trademark facial tattoos.

View the full article at BBC News

Dior Tête de Mort: the friendly face of skull jewellery

As the world gears up for Halloween, Dior brings out its spookiest jewels. The Dior Tête de Mort carved gemstone rings celebrate the tradition of momento mori jewels. Translated from Latin, momento mori means ‘remember you must die’ and is supposed to be a positive phrase that encourages wearers to embrace life while they can.

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Best jewellery moments of the year

The Duchess of Sussex or Princess Eugenie? Nicole Kidman or Saoirse Ronan? Who gets your vote for the best jewellery moment of the year? The red carpets of 2018 have certainly been sparkling with diamonds and coloured gemstones, and as we enter into the party season, Tatler magazine has collated an insightful round up.

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Richemont joins forces with Alibaba to promote Cartier in China

Johann Rupert, the founder of luxury goods group Richemont, has admitted that “there’s not a luxury-goods company in the world that can catch up with where Alibaba is at”. They simply don’t have the tools, he says. So as the old adage goes, if you can’t beat them, join them, and this sentiment is what’s behind a rather controversial pairing between Richemont luxury jewellery house Cartier and the wholesale e-tailer.

View the full article at South China Morning Post

Prepare to be squeaked out! Taxidermist has unusual line in jewellery

What do you get if you take a mouse, cut it in half and stick it on your earlobe? An earring, of course! Well, at least in Jack Devaney’s world, that’s the answer. The alternative taxidermist is back with a new line of jewellery that will have you squirming in your seat. Unless, of course, dead mice with stick-on googly eyes is your thing.

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