BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup – 4th June

BAJ Digest: Your weekly jewellery news roundup – 4th June

Here at the British Academy of Jewellery we like to stay up to date with what’s happening in the jewellery and design world. Welcome to the next instalment of our BAJ Digest – a weekly series dedicated to keeping you up to date with the latest news.


How To Become A Jewellery Designer

The British Academy of Jewellery hit the headlines this week as head of academy Sofie Boons gave the readers of Vogue some advice on how to become a jewellery designer. Alongside Bulgari creative director Lucia Silvestri, jewellery designer Sophie Bille Brahe, Akira Haga of Mikimoto and others, Sofie shared her knowledge and helped move jewellery design up the careers agenda. A must read.

View the full article at Vogue


De Beers to sell jewellery made from synthetic diamonds for first time

Mining giant De Beers has been making lab-grown diamonds since the 1950s but they have always been for industrial use only. Now, perhaps buoyed by the interest from younger consumers, it is throwing its weight behind a new fashion jewellery brand called Lightbox dedicated to lab-grown diamonds.

View the full article at The Telegraph


Jewellery brand accused of ‘romanticising mental illness’ with ‘depression’ necklaces

An LA lifestyle brand has sparked much debate on the internet this week as critics laid siege to its line of necklaces that spell out the names of mental health illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. Detractors say the collection belittles these issues, while’s founder claims it was actually her own battles with mental health that led her to develop what she believes is an empowering line of jewellery. What’s your view?

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The British Society of Enamellers announces jeweller as new vice-chair

The British Society of Enamellers was set up to promote the work of British enamellers at home and abroad, and the organisation has just announced the appointment of a new vice-chair. Monika Kamycka, an enamellist and silversmith who runs jewellery brand Mona Pink, has scooped the honour and says she hopes to further elevate the art of enamelling in contemporary design.

View the full article at Professional Jeweller

Trinkets charm their way back into fashion

Collectible charms and beads were a huge phenomenon in the jewellery industry when they first became commercially popular a decade ago, with brands like Pandora and Thomas Sabo transforming the jewellery business. Now, as sales slow, these brands are on a mission to make charms fashionable again, but are using necklaces and earrings rather than bracelets to do so.

View the full article at The Financial Times


This Plymouth man is making jewellery out of rat genitals

We are all trying to be more sustainable in our work these days, which is why student taxidermist Jack Devaney of The World Around Ewe is using up the rat scrotums leftover from his taxidermy pencil cases to make jewels. He fixes the furry scrotums into silver-plated lockets and encourages you to spritz some perfume or aftershave on them to remind you of your partner. See him at New Designers soon.

View the full article at Plymouth Herald

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