BAJ Insight: 10 jewels that will change the way you think about pearls

BAJ Insight: 10 jewels that will change the way you think about pearls

Join us for our weekly BAJ:Insight on the latest industry trends by Rachael Taylor, a freelance journalist who writes about jewellery for a number of titles, including The Financial Times, The Jewellery Editor and Retail Jeweller. In her 10 years reporting on the industry, she has travelled the globe to visit key industry fairs, descended a Fairtrade gold mine on top of a Peruvian mountain, toured silver jewellery factories in Thailand, and regularly has access to the most sparkling jewels and people in the business.

There is a favourite phrase thrown around in the industry about pearl jewellery “moving away from the twinset and pearls” image. Honestly, I think it moved away from that a long time ago (I know I have personally been writing about the renaissance of pearls for seven years or so now) – in fact, we may even be headed back that way if the prissy AW17 fashion catwalks are to be trusted.

Alice Cicolini’s Kimono ring sets a golden pearl at its centre, flanked by two rounds of pink opal.


Cascading gold and diamond stars drop down to two golden pearls in these Stardust earrings by Autore.


Bibi van der Velden has used a baroque Tahitian pearl as a planet orbited by a ring of rose gold.


But whether worn tight round the collar bone in a preppy double strand, or used for something a little more avant-garde, pearls are certainly back in vogue and it is a trend that looks set to stay put. If you need some inspiration on how to use pearls in a contemporary way, here are 10 jewels that will change the way you see these lustrous little gems.

Colette has blended peacock-hued Tahitian pearls with diamonds set in white gold darkened with rhodium.

An 18ct gold ant carries away a lustrous pink pearl in this brooch by Frances Wadsworth Jones.


This single earring by Kova plays with contrasting geometry and is decorated with a stark black pearl.

Melanie Georgacopoulos has carved this Tahitian pearl to make it appear like a faceted gemstone (a very difficult technique).


Shimmering grey Arabian pearls crest a wave of gold in this award-winning design by Ornella Iannuzzi.


Three small pearls join together to create a puzzled frown in this emoji-inspired pendant by Ruifier.


Sarah Ho uses a mixture of baroque and round pearls and also mother of pearl to create these dreamy earrings.