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BAJ Insight: Finger-licking jewellery marketing

BAJ Insight: Finger-licking jewellery marketing

Join us for our weekly BAJ:Insight on the latest industry trends by Rachael Taylor, a freelance journalist who writes about jewellery for a number of titles, including The Financial Times, The Jewellery Editor and Retail Jeweller. In her 10 years reporting on the industry, she has travelled the globe to visit key industry fairs, descended a Fairtrade gold mine on top of a Peruvian mountain, toured silver jewellery factories in Thailand, and regularly has access to the most sparkling jewels and people in the business.

Whether you are a hopeless romantic or believe that Valentine’s Day is a consumerist plot, there is no denying that it is an important time for the jewellery business. A new report from analyst Mintel estimated that shoppers spent £112 million on jewels for Valentine’s gifts in 2018, dedicating more cash to precious presents than flower, cards or clothes. And this year, it seemed that fast-food chains were keen to get in on the action with some finger-licking jewellery marketing.

Yes, KFC decided to jump on the Valentine’s jewellery bandwagon. The chicken restaurant set its marketing boffins to work, and it was decreed that KFC should get into the jewellery business and its Polish team came up with the idea of a KFC engagement ring – and it’s actually a fairly innovative design.

Finger Lickin Love – Say Yes with KFC

The engagement ring itself carries none of the design hallmarks you might expect – no chicken motifs, shoulders decorated with fries or claws in the shape of Colonel Sanders moustache; just a fairly traditional platinum, six-claw solitaire with a pavé smothered band. The clever bit is the crispy coating. Just like its famous fried chicken, the ring has been smothered in something bumpy and golden – an 18ct gold case that, when opened, reveals the ring within. Almost like a fancy jewellery box that you can wear.


Finger Lickin Love – Say Yes with KFC

Finger Lickin Love – Say Yes with KFC

KFC also launched a jewellery-based marketing campaign in Australia this year, but here the focus was on bromance not romance. It offered up a pair of matching American football-style Wing Rings to the men best able to articulate on social media why their wingman was so special to them.



KFC’s American football-style Wing Rings


McDonalds also offered up its Twitter followers a bejewelled gift this Valentine’s. It ran a competition to win a set of gold, diamond and coloured gemstone stacking rings by London-based fine jeweller Nadine Ghosn. The Bling Mac ring stack looks just like a burger, and fans were asked to take to the social media platform to pen the best Tweet about their love for the famous Big Mac.

London-based fine jeweller – Nadine Ghosn

Bling Mac ring stack

While fast food and jewellery might not be the most obvious of bedfellows, these campaigns have worked wonders for the chains in terms of drumming up publicity at a time when diners are looking to posher options. And as for the jewellery industry, any publicity is good publicity, even when precious jewels emerge from a Big Mac carton.

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