Spotlight: BAJ Level 2 Diploma in Jewellery Manufacturing and Design | BAJ

Spotlight: BAJ Level 2 Diploma in Jewellery Manufacturing and Design

Spotlight: BAJ Level 2 Diploma in Jewellery Manufacturing and Design

British Academy of Jewellery is a leading provider of education and training for the jewellery sector in the UK. We pride ourselves in training the next generation of jewellers. The Academy offers a wide range of courses that engage students with the most current ideas and methods in the jewellery sector.

Today, we look closer at the Level 2 Diploma in Jewellery Manufacturing and Design, a uniquely comprehensive technical skills course which teaches you the basics of making and designing professional quality jewellery needed for a career in the jewellery trade or to set up as a jewellery designer-maker.

This course combines the SQA Diploma Level 2 in Jewellery Manufacture with a City and Guilds 2D Certificate in Design. Covering the foundations of jewellery-making and design, this is most comprehensive and practical training in jewellery – you do not need to have any prior knowledge! The modules have been expertly designed in partnership with the jewellery industry to ensure that students learn the skills needed in today’s workplace.

Alongside the practical “bench skills” you will learn the professional practice of designing using your creativity, formulate and finalise designs before manufacture. You will study the traditional jewellery painting techniques as well as produce a creative journal. Upon completion of the course you will have finished pieces supported by an impressive professional portfolio.

This course will suit you if you are passionate about jewellery, and looking to start a career in the jewellery trade or become a designer.

The course is taught over 10 months, with 2 full days of study a week. In addition, if you are aged 16-18 and do not have Grade C or above GCSE Maths or English you will also have an additional day per week for English and Maths functional skills.

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Our Level 2 Jewellery Manufacturing Diploma is unique in England. Based on the Scottish Vocational Qualification training system, it has more in common with the old-fashioned trade school training seen in the UK and United States in the 1950’s than it does with the more commonplace university approach seen in BA Jewellery Design courses. This throwback approach to classical jewellery training allows us to give students precisely the skill set jewellers in industry require for entry level staffing in their jewellery-making workshops in store or at their factories. What’s more, by emphasising technical skills over the more exploratory creative approach taken by art schools, our diploma makes for excellent supplemental training for university jewellery design degrees.

At the end of the course you will have the fundamental skills and know-how to be able embark on designing a jewellery collection. Where you go from here is then up to you:

  • The Level 3 Jewellery Manufacture Diploma builds upon your experience gained in Level 2, allowing you to refine and develop your skillset.
  • The Level 3 Diploma Design for Jewellery Production will allow you to refine your manufacturing skill-set whilst also learning Jewellery CAD.
  • If students are keen to go straight into work, they can learn on the job in a Level 3 Apprenticeship.
  • Alternatively, they can seek entry level employment directly in industry

Does this sound like a course for you? For any further information please contact

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