BAJ Podcast | Jewellery Research

BAJ Podcast | Jewellery Design for Human Health

BAJ Podcast | Jewellery Design for Human Health

In this episode, we speak to Melbourne-based designer and RMIT researcher Dr Leah Heiss about her work at the nexus of design, health, and technology. Dr Heiss reflects on her practice, the nature of collaborations and the importance of research in the field. Dr Heiss and BAJ’s Sofie Boons also discuss the design thinking workshops using the Tactile Tools methodology Dr Heiss has organised.


Dr Leah Heiss is an award-winning designer and Co-Director of the RMIT Wearables and Sensing Network. Her wearable health technologies include Diabetes Jewellery; swallowable devices to detect disease; biosignal sensing emergency jewellery; and cardiac monitoring jewellery. Facett, the world’s first modular hearing aid that Dr Heiss designed for Blamey Saunders, has won many awards including the 2018 Australian Good Design Award of the Year and CSIRO Design Innovation Award. She teaches through the RMIT Master of Design Futures and her teaching practice focuses on health sector innovation and design leadership.

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