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Beginners Rhino CAD for Jewellery Manufacturing (Online)


Learn to use Rhino CAD software for jewellery design and manufacturing. Suited for both current and aspiring jewellers who want to boost their 3D design skills by getting to grips with a cost-effective, precision CAD software, BAJ’s six-week course for beginners will teach you how to model and render jewellery designs using Rhino 3D, a NURBS modelling programme especially conceived for fine jewellery.

Delivered via Zoom, BAJ’s Beginners Rhino CAD course is taught in small groups, meaning that everyone can receive individual attention from our expert tutors.

Course Content
Course Content

Starting with an introduction to the Rhino Interface and basic model building, the course covers a range of fundamental skills, from creating and manipulating shapes to rendering and constructing 3D designs of specific jewellery pieces – such as band rings, solitaire rings and eternity bands – and preparing them for 3D printing. As part of this process, you will also study jewellery making tolerances in order to be able to produce objects that are suitable for 3D printing and jewellery casting. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a BAJ certificate endorsed by McNeel, the makers of Rhino 3D, and will be well placed to continue your training with the software through an intermediate course.

By the end of the course, you will be able to model and render jewellery designs using Rhino 3D, a NURBS modelling CAD program specifically designed for fine jewellery. You will also gain confidence in applying your existing knowledge of jewellery making tolerances to producing objects suitable for 3D printing and jewellery casting.

Part 1
Introductions / Explanation of CAD and CAM
An Overview of the Rhino Interface
Building objects with curves, including
Explode, Join, Rebuild, Split, Trim, Fillet and Offset
Organizing models with Layers
Precision modelling with Snaps and Osnaps
Basic transformation commands, including
Move, Rotate, Scale, and Mirror
Using the Extrude Command

Part 2
Using the Profile Placer
Basic Ring Construction
Band Rings
Solitaire Rings
Building Stone Settings
Revolve and Rail Revolve
Eternity Bands
Preparing a file for 3D Printing
Basic Rendering methods

Part 3
Using the Loft command
Using the 2 Rail Sweep
Making a pinched shank
Review of Strategies for Building Models
Breaking down shapes into simpler commands
Laying out Pave
Basic Tolerances for 3D Printing and Casting

Key Information
Key Information

Next dates: TBA

Course duration: 6 days

Number of hours: 18

Delivery: Online – This course is taught through Zoom video-conferencing.

Price: £650

This course does not include software, but you can download a free 90 day demo of the software from


On completion, learners can consider progression to BAJ’s Jewellery Fundamentals Diploma, other online courses or our short courses in jewellery manufacturing.

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