3DESIGN CAD for Beginners


•  Learn to use 3DESIGN parametric jewellery CAD software to visualise and easily rework your designs, create photorealistic renders, and produce models for 3D printing.

• Study under some of the most skilled and experienced CAD trainers in the UK, such as Jack Meyer.

• Gain a 3DESIGN developer-certified qualification

Course Content
Course Content

Our 4 day intensive beginner’s course is designed to provide you with an efficient introduction to 3DESIGN, a fine jewellery parametric CAD software package. This unique solid modelling software allows users to create adaptable 3D models of jewellery designs which can be used for 3D printing and manufacturing.

By the end of the course, you will be able to model and render jewellery designs in 3D CAD, and take advantage of 3DESIGN’s powerful and flexible Parametric History Tree to quickly and dramatically modify and rework existing models. You will also gain confidence in applying your existing knowledge of jewellery making tolerances to producing objects suitable for 3D printing and jewellery casting.

Unit 1:

  • Intro/ Explanation of CAD and CAM
  • A basic walkthrough of the interface, including Typical Work Processes
  • Moving and Rotating the Screen
  • Working with Axes and Basic Planes (OXY, OXZ, OYZ)
  • Building Primitive Solids
  • Editing Existing Objects
  • Setting Materials
  • Booleans
  • Deformations
  • Using the Parametric History Tree
  • Basic Ring Construction, including
  • Sweeping Wizard
  • Open vs. Closed Shanks
  • Setting Stones and Pearls on a Ring
  • Referencing Objects From the History
  • Basic Rendering

Unit 2

  • Sketch Mode vs. Part Mode
  • Working with Vector Lines
  • Using Sweeps, including
  • Building Your own Rail and Cross-Sections
  • Repairing Bad Sweeps
  • Scale to Height
  • Building a 3-Stone Ring
  • Building Eternity Bands
  • Placing Text on a Surface

Unit 3: 

  • Extruding Shapes
  • Using Scanned Images
  • Creating 3-Way Diagrams from Scanned Images
  • Building More Complex Ring Shapes
  • Using Tapered Extrude
  • Using Revolve
  • Using Circular Duplication

Unit 4: 

  • Making Signet Rings
  • Using Loft
  • Making Perfect Domed Shapes
  • Hollowing Out Shapes
  • Applying and Manipulating Pave on a Surface
  • Making Chains

British Academy of Jewellery Certificate in Beginner Level 3DESIGN CAD (developer certified by Type3)

Entry Criteria
Some working knowledge of creating and managing files and folders in Windows or Mac is required. Working knowledge of programs like Microsoft Word or Photoshop will make learning much easier.

Also, due to the professional focus of this short course, students will be expected to have some understanding of jewellery design and manufacture. The equivalent of a basic jewellery manufacturing or wax carving short course (such as those offered by British Academy of Jewellery) is required.

Hatton Garden, London


Jack Meyer

Course Length
4 days

Course Dates

23rd October 2019 – 13th November 2019 (One day per week – Wednesdays)


Upon completion of this course and approximately 4-6 weeks of steady practice, there are several additional classes and masterclasses which would be hugely beneficial to you:

• A masterclass in Intermediate 3DESIGN would offer additional insights into the more advanced functionality and work processes of 3DESIGN, such as working with complex surface construction and inlay
• A masterclass in 3SHAPER would explore using the subdivision modelling tool for controlling organic shapes and free-form sculpture.
• Alternatively, the more you know about jewellery manufacturing, the better a CAD designer you will become. BAJ offers a variety of short jewellery courses covering a broad range of general as well as specialist jewellery trade skills.

The British Academy of Jewellery offers a diverse range of specialist intensive courses to help individuals develop their jewellery knowledge and skill set in areas such as CAD, gemstone studies and technical drawing.

If you are considering a professional career in jewellery-making, we recommend our Jewellery Diploma Programme, which will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to design, make and sell jewellery.

If you are unsure which course is right for you, BAJ offer guidance on jewellery career pathways, and will be able to support you in making the next steps. Contact our Student Support Services to find out how we can help you in the search for the right career.

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Apply now

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