• Learn the ancient art of enamelling to add colour and sophistication to your jewellery pieces

• Build your portfolio and leave with completed enamelled sample and a silver pendant

• Begin a new craft from scratch – no prior knowledge necessary!

Course Content
Course Content

Practiced since the invention of glass, enamelling is considered as one of the oldest craft techniques still existing today.

Also known as the art of ‘grand feu’ – thanks to the ever-present fire in an enameller’s work, fusing and transforming materials to create colour – it is an excellent method of adding vibrance and sophistication to your jewellery and horology pieces.

During our two day beginner’s course you will explore the tools and techniques of enamelling.

Techniques covered in the course include:

  • Enamelling design techniques
  • Preparing metal for engraving
  • Sifting techniques
  • Stencilling
  • Wet-packing (crushing the enamel’s ingredients

By the end of the course you will be have created 2-3 completed enamelling samples and a silver pendant. All materials will be provided on the course.




British Academy of Jewellery Enamelling Certificate

Entry Criteria
No prior knowledge or skills are required to take the course, but prior knowledge of jewellery may be advantageous

Hatton Garden, London


Kate Rieppel

Course Length
2 days

Course Dates

20th  & 21st April– Enamelling for Beginners

3rd & 4th  August – Enamelling for Intermediates


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The British Academy of Jewellery also offers a diverse range of specialist intensive courses to help individuals develop their jewellery knowledge and skillset in areas such as CAD, gemstone studies and enamelling.

If you are considering a professional career in jewellery-making, we recommend our Jewellery Diploma Programme, which will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to design, make and sell jewellery.

If you are unsure what course is right for you, BAJ offer guidance on jewellery career pathways, and will be able to support you in making the next steps. Contact our Student Support Services to find out how we can support in helping you in finding the right career.

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Apply now

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Enamelling - 3/4 August£399.00Courses to help you use colour and texture in your jewellery. With an introduction to the tools and techniques of vitreous enamelling onto metal, you will learn how to use these skills to create beautiful pieces of jewellery. For Intermediate. With Kate Ripple.

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