Gemstone Studies For Beginners


• Learn how to correctly identify common and unusual gemstones used within the jewellery industry

• Build a knowledge base on the different properties of gemstones and where to find them internationally

• Get taught by a specialist with over 30 year’s experience in the diamond industry

• Study what factors affect gem prices and availability, and gain technical knowledge for effective sales and excellent service

Course Content
Course Content

Our two-day intensive course will guide you through the A-Z of gemstones, and equip you will the knowledge to be able to identify and sell commercially important gemstones.

Under the guidance of a tutor with over 30 year’s jewellery industry experience, Graham Tom, you will learn how to examine gemstone properties using professional gemstone tools. On this course you will also learn easy techniques for using pocket identification instruments, and gain tips to help you distinguish gemstone synthetics, simulants and treatments.

Suited for professionals or jewellery enthusiasts looking to gain gemstone expertise, by the end of the course you will be able to identify the wide range of gem colours, and understand how the quality, rarity and colour affect their value.

The course is split into four units:

Unit 1

  • What are Gemstones?
  • Structures of Gem Materials
  • Mining and Manufacture
  • Gemstone sources
  • Gemstone deposits

Unit 2

  • Physical Properties of Gemstones
  • Hardness
  • Toughness
  • Cleavage and Fracture
  • Chemical Stability
  • Density and specific gravity and weight

Unit 3

  • Optical Properties of Gemstones
  • Causes of Colour
  • Transparency
  • Dispersion & Diffraction
  • Refraction
  • Optical effects of light on Gemstones

Unit 4

  • Synthetic, Artificial and Simulant Gemstones
  • Identification of synthetic and natural Gemstones

British Academy of Jewellery Beginner’s Gemstones Studies Certificate

Entry Criteria
No prior knowledge or skills are required to take the course, but prior knowledge of jewellery may be advantageous

Hatton Garden, London


Graham Tom

Course Length
2 days

Course Dates

11th  & 12th March – Gemstone Studies for Beginners

13th & 14th May – Gemstone Studies for Beginners

12th & 13th August – Gemstone Studies for Beginners


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The British Academy of Jewellery also offers a diverse range of specialist intensive courses to help individuals develop their jewellery knowledge and skillset in areas such as CAD, gemstone studies and enameling.

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If you are unsure what course is right for you, BAJ offer guidance on jewellery career pathways, and will be able to support you in making the next steps. Contact our Student Support Services to find out how we can support in helping you in finding the right career.

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Apply now

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