Level 3 Diploma Design for Jewellery Production

Great reasons to apply

• Learn to work in jewellery CAD/CAM and production management to a professional standard in a professional preparation course.

• For the final project you get to work against a live brief from a professional jewellery company, researching and developing a collection which may even end up in their shop!

• Learn to effectively use Gemvision Matrix, a professional fine jewellery CAD software, and gain access to a limited time student version through the course. (We’re one of only a few institutions around the world who can offer this student version).

• Learn from some of the most skilled and experienced CAD trainers in the UK, such as Jack Meyer.

• Many alumni from this course have gone on to build successful careers and brands, as well as winning awards in design competitions such as the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Awards.


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Course Content
Course Content

Whilst the Jewellery and Manufacturing Diploma Programme focuses on bench skills and the use of fabrication tools; the Design for Jewellery Production Diploma Programme is unique as it focuses on commercial design, casting, CAD/CAM and production management.The Level 3 Diploma in Design for Jewellery Production was developed in response to the needs of industry. It is a suite of accredited vocational qualifications focused on giving students a high level of understanding and proficiency in all stages of the jewellery manufacturing process; including CAD design, technical drawing skills, and casting-based jewellery manufacturing.

The highly-respected comprehensive course is designed to provide you with professional, technical design skills and production management knowledge to be able to develop and pitch your own jewellery collection to industry.

The programme is structured 4 core modules and delivered through a series of 10 projects where by the end of the course students will:

2D Design

• Jewellery Design Development

– Understand the design development process and how to perform different drawing and design techniques by hand and using CAD

– Be able to construct a technical diagram and design specification for manufacturers.

– Be able to research contextual influences by exploring historical, cultural, and societal trends from the past as well as current designers & makers. You will also get the opportunity to visit galleries and museums throughout the year. 

– Most projects have a set briefs all projects within the diploma allow for full student creativity and require substantial 2D design input and research

3D CAD Design

 Using functionality in Gemvision Matrix CAD, including

  • Controlling the interface
  • Building basic solid primitives
  • Curve creation and modification commands
  • Working with layers
  • Measuring tools and Metal Weights
  • Essential Matrix builders such as Ring Rail, Profile Placer, Gem Loader, Gem Cutters, etc.
  • Transformation commands such as Move, Rotate, Scale, Mirror, Polar Array
  • Booleans
  • Essential solid creation commands such as Extrude, Revolve, and Sweep
  • Strategies for breaking down complex assemblies into simpler modelling processes
  • Methods for making various types of stone settings: rubover, claw, rex, channel
  • Ways to get gems on a curve or surface
  • Considerations and strategies for building necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles, cufflinks, etc.
  • Sizing links for a bracelet
  • Deformation tools
  • Basics of surface modelling
  • Basic techniques for making 3 dimensional curves
  • Working with Pave in CAD

Jewellery Manufacturing

• Lost wax casting process

– Confidently hand carve wax using a range of techniques

– Complete the lost wax casting process and be able to cast and finish a hand carved Bombay ring in silver.

• Core Manufacturing Bench Skills

– Have strengthened technical bench skill-sets learnt in Level 2, whilst building a repertoire of advanced manufacturing techniques through a series of intensive projects.

– Be able to work with great accuracy and mark and measure with precision when preparing materials.

– Be able to confidently pierce file, forge, shape, finish, pavé, as well solder, assemble, and hand finish casting items such as an engagement ring and brooch from 3D printing at the bench.

– Have made a chain bracelet of your own design, design and chain link master model in CAD, cast it, finish the pieces in silver, mould it and complete the fabrication.

Professional Practice

• Essential Professional Skills for Jewellery Production

– Be able to communicate with manufacturers with ease

– Be able to interpret a professional design briefs

– Understand the principles of sourcing, pricing and time estimates

– Work to final industry live project briefs where you can research, plan, create, price and pitch a collection to an actual jewellery company. Some of the winners of this project have been known to have their designs produced by the brands.

• Essential Professional Skills for Customer Service

– Be able to communicate with clients to the highest levels of service, professionalism and persuasiveness

– Be able to work with clients to develop a customer-responsive design for bespoke work.

• Understanding the Jewellery Market

– Being able to understand the different segments within the jewellery product market

– Have a professional CV and portfolio

Course Structure
Course Structure

The teaching of our Level 3 Diploma takes place in our CAD suite in Hatton Garden, where you will be working with the latest design software. The emphasis of the course is to draw out your own creativity and vision, giving you the technical, 3D design skills to be able to digitally realise your designs.

To help you along the way, you’ll have access to all the tools and equipment within our professional jewellery studios, where you can create your digitally-designed masterpieces. A dedicated tutor with years of real industry experience will be teaching and guiding you through the entire course – our personal and hands-on approach to training guarantees that each student will receive gets enough tutor contact time.

The course runs for 2 days a week over a 10-month period, allowing students to work alongside earning a qualification. You will learn how to design jewellery using Gemvision Matrix 3D CAD software. This software normally costs £4995, however we can exclusively offer a 1-year fully functional student edition Matrix for licence for £250.


(SQA) Level 3 Diploma in Precious Metals CAD/CAM
(City & Guilds) Level 3 Award in Creative Techniques: Design
(City & Guilds) Level 3 Award in Creative Techniques: Professional Practice

Entry Criteria
Successful completion of at least the Level 2 Diploma in Jewellery Manufacturing and Design or, for students wishing to join straight onto the course, the successful completion of a skills bench test to assess jewellery manufacturing, design drawing and wax carving skills.

Working knowledge of creating and managing files and folders in Windows or Mac is also required, so a basic ICT test requirement may be administered during the application process to confirm this knowledge. Whilst not essential, a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite would be advantageous.

Hatton Garden, London.

Jack Meyer

Stephen Barnett

Course Length
10 months; 2 days a week.


Alumni will automatically be invited to participate in our enrichment programme which includes access to some of the UK’s leading master jewellers, manufacturers and retailers as well as any help and support that you require from our team.

Upon successful completion of the course, all students will have a portfolio of work with which they can progress on to an entry level job in industry, or continue to study at British Academy of Jewellery and improve their work.

  • The Level 3 Diploma in Jewellery Manufacturing and Design course can provide a greater grounding of bench jewellery-making knowledge to better inform the design and CAD manufacturing techniques you’ve already learned
  • The Level 4 Diploma in CAD Design For Jewellery Production course picks up where this finishes, focusing on more advanced CAD techniques relating to texture, organic sculpture, and advanced photorealistic CAD rendering, as well as building up a professional portfolio for showing to potential buyers.
  • The Level 4 Jewellery CAD Award provides an additional level of more advanced CAD techniques relating to texture, organic sculpture, and advanced photorealistic CAD rendering.
  • You can apply for jewellery design and production management jobs in industry as this course also prepares students looking to go straight into industry for a variety of entry level roles. Contact our Student Support Services to find out how we can support you in finding the right career for you.

The Government recognises our courses support young learners to find employment in the jewellery industry and provides funding for those who wish to gain our qualifications.

See the table below to see how much of the cost of the course you will need to pay:

Student Fees:
Aged 16 – 18 and a UK or EU National £0
Aged 19+ £6,421**
 International Student (Non-EU) £8,400

*For full eligibility requirements please see Fees and Finance

** The maximum available Advanced Learner Loan for this qualification is £5,421, so the student will need to pay an additional £1,000 for the course if they are making use of an Advanced Learner Loan.

To secure a place on the course in addition to any other requirements, before the start date the student will need to have either:

• Paid the full fee in advance or:
• Secured an approved Advanced Learner Loan and paid the additional £1000 in advance or:
• Secured an approved Advanced Learner Loan and committed to recurring monthly payments via our website

Please see Fees and Finance to find out more.

Our Student Support Services are happy to discuss your individual circumstances, financial advice and to advise you on how to apply for funds. You can contact them by emailing or calling 0207 405 0197.

The Money Advice Service offer free, impartial money advice to help you make choices throughout your life, whatever your circumstances. If you would like advice on any financial matters or to find out more visit moneyadviceservice.org.uk

Apply now
Apply now

2017/18 Course Dates

  • 5th October – 26th July 2018 – Thurs/Fri
Do you have a Loan
Do you have a Loan

2017/18 Course Dates

  • 5th October – 26th July 2018 – Thurs/Fri

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