Level 4 Diploma Design for Jewellery Production

Great reasons to apply

• By the end of the course, you will not only have built an incredible portfolio of CAD work and two commercially ready collections, you will also have created the beginnings of your own brand identity and business plan.

• This course is taught by Jack Meyer, a renowned expert in the field, who has a wealth of experience and years in teaching and using jewellery CAD/CAM.

• Many alumni from this course have gone on to build successful careers and brands, as well as winning awards in design competitions such as the Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Awards

• Learn to use advanced tools in Gemvision Matrix, a professional fine jewellery CAD software, and gain access to a limited time student version through the course. (We’re one of only a few institutions around the world who can offer this student version).


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Course Content
Course Content

Our Level 4 Diploma in CAD Design for Jewellery Production has been designed for students who wish to develop their skills with jewellery design, CAD/CAM based manufacturing, and brand management to produce an impressive portfolio of commercially ready jewellery. It is a perfect course for ambitious and determined future creative directors, production managers, and independent jewellery designers.

Building on what is taught at Level 3, the course covers more advanced techniques in Gemvision Matrix CAD, but also focuses on the plug-ins T-Splines (for organic subdivision modelling) and V-Ray (for CAD rendering). In addition, there is a section about learning to use Adobe Photoshop for post-production of photographs and CAD renders.

The programme is structured around 3 core modules and delivered through 6 projects, where by the end of the course students will:

Advanced 3D CAD Modelling

  • Gemvision Matrix Tools and Techniques
    • Advanced Surface Editing
    • CAD Augmented Design Development
    • Expanding on some of the advanced functionality of solid modelling commands such as Sweep and Revolve
    • Using the Network Surface command
    • Advanced solid modelling based upon individual surface construction
    • Using Matrix as a design feedback tool to assist with visualising for design drawing
    • Understanding how Matrix builds objects out of NURBS surfaces, and how to control these NURBS surfaces
    • NURBS surface sculpting
    • Creating inlay in Matrix with surface editing
    • Using Clayoo subdivision modeller for complex organic sculptural modelling.
    • Learning key approaches to building solids with Clayoo, such as Pipe, Append and Thicken, Extruding solids, and Converting from NURBS
    • Combining Clayoo objects with Bridge, Merge, and Weld
    • Controlling and troubleshooting T-Splines Faces, Edges, and Vertices
    • Use V-Ray to be able to improve the realism of CAD renders using the advanced lighting and material creation techniques in the rendering plug-in

Jewellery Design and Manufacturing

  • Painting and Rendering

Be able to paint and render using an advanced level of techniques

  • Hand-made Jewellery Manufacturing Skills

– Building and expanding on existing bench skills with a repertoire of advanced manufacturing techniques through a series of intensive projects.

– Be able to work with great accuracy and mark and measure with precision when preparing materials.

– Be able to confidently pierce file, forge, shape, finish, pavé, as well solder, assemble, and hand finish casting items such as an engagement ring and brooch from 3D printing at the bench.

– Be able to will make a necklace with sculpture and filigree

– Be able to as finish and assemble your commercial collection.

– Have built a commercial collection as part of the final major project of this course.

– Understand the principles of be able to cost, source, and plan and manage the production of work is delegated to other manufacturers.

  • Producing Commercial Jewellery Collections

– Have built a commercial collection as part of the final major project of this course.

– Understand the principles of be able to cost, source, and plan and manage the production of work is delegated to other manufacturers.

Business Development

  • Building a business plan 

– Understand the fundamentals of business entrepreneurship

– Understand how to develop your business, career plans and long-term goals. – Have created a business plan for you brand

– Be able to effectively communicate your brand and prepare for professional presentations to potential buyers and stockists.

– Have tested out skills acquired during a live industry project where students have delivered a professional marketing pitch containing their own researched design work to an actual jewellery company.

  • Branding 

 – Understand how to or already have developed a brand concept and identity

 – Understand how to or already have developed a value proposition

 – Understand how to or already have identified a target market

  • Marketing

– Be able to review of design research and project planning

– Be able to perform competitor market analysis

– Be able to create press packs and releases

– Have a professional CV and portfolio

– Perform essential post-production photo-retouching techniques using Adobe Photoshop.

Course Structure
Course Structure

The teaching of our Level 4 Diploma takes place in our CAD suite in Hatton Garden, where you will be working with the latest design software. The emphasis of the course is to draw out your own creativity and vision, giving you the technical, 3D design skills to be able to digitally realise your designs.

To help you along the way, you’ll have access to all the tools and equipment within our professional jewellery studios, where you can create your digitally-designed masterpieces. A dedicated tutor with years of real industry experience will be teaching and guiding you through the entire course – our personal and hands-on approach to training guarantees that each student will receive gets enough tutor contact time.

The course runs for 2 days a week over a 10-month period, allowing students to work alongside earning a qualification. You will learn how to design jewellery using Gemvision Matrix 3D CAD software. This software normally costs £4995, however we can exclusively offer a 1-year fully functional student edition Matrix for licence for £250.


(SQA) Level 4 Diploma in Precious Metals CAD/CAM

Entry Criteria

There are two pathways to meeting the entry requirements for this course:

1. Complete all of the following:

  • Completion of the Level 3 DJP Diploma, or provide proof of equivalent knowledge in CAD Design, technical drawing, casting, and professional practice.
  • Pass an entry test, involving the creation of a test model in CAD using either Rhino or Matrix.

2. Complete all of the following:

  • Completion of the Level 3 Jewellery Manufacturing Diploma, or provide proof of equivalent or better knowledge of design drawing, jewellery manufacturing, and wax carving.
  • Complete the Level 3 CAD Award, or prove equivalent knowledge of CAD Design
  • Pass an entry test, involving the creation of a test model in CAD using either Rhino or Matrix.

As an example, an individual with a BA in Jewellery Design and a top-up course of Design for Industry would qualify for direct entry onto the course. If you are unsure if you have the experience for direct entry please arrange a chat with one of our advisors or call 0207 405 0197.

Hatton Garden, London.

Jack Meyer

Course Length
10 months; 2 days a week.


Alumni will automatically be invited to participate in our enrichment programme which includes access to some of the UK’s leading master jewellers, manufacturers and retailers as well as any help and support that you require from our team.

The purpose of this course is to prepare students with a professional level portfolio to allow them either to pursue more experienced industry jobs in CAD or jewellery production management, or to allow them to move towards launching their own jewellery brand.

At BAJ, we offer guidance on different jewellery career pathways and opportunities, and will be able to support you in making the next steps. Contact our Student Support Services to find out how we can support you in finding the right career for you.

Students can also choose from our diverse range of professional short courses to develop their knowledge within a specialist area.


The Government recognises our courses support young learners to find employment in the jewellery industry and provides funding for those who wish to gain our qualifications.

See the table below to see how much of the cost of the course you will need to pay:

Student Fees:
Aged 16 – 18 and a UK or EU National £0
Aged 19+ £6,421*
 International Student (Non-EU) £8,400

* The maximum available Advanced Learner Loan for this qualification is £5,421, so the student will need to pay an additional £1,000 for the course if they are making use of an Advanced Learner Loan.

To secure a place on the course in addition to any other requirements, before the start date the learner will need to have either:

• Paid the full fee in advance or:
• Secured an approved Advanced Learner Loan and paid the additional £1000 in advance or:
• Secured an approved Advanced Learner Loan and committed to recurring monthly payments via our website

Please see Fees and Finance to find out more.

Our Student Support Services are happy to discuss your individual circumstances, financial advice and to advise you on how to apply for funds. You can contact them by emailing or calling 0207 405 0197.

The Money Advice Service offer free, impartial money advice to help you make choices throughout your life, whatever your circumstances. If you would like advice on any financial matters or to find out more visit moneyadviceservice.org.uk

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