IATA x BAJ Exchange 2018 - LAYERS | BAJ

IATA x BAJ Exchange 2018 – LAYERS

IATA x BAJ Exchange 2018 – LAYERS

Last week the British Academy of Jewellery was delighted to welcome students from IATA in Belgium for two weeks on our student exchange programme. Whilst on their visit the students will complete a project titled LAYERS. This will culminate in a small exhibition on the 29th of March in the Mezzanine floor lecture theatre at BAJ- Morley House.

For the brief the visiting students have been looking at London as a city of layers – physically, socially, economically and culturally.

The student is the latest layer – visiting this vibrant city – like every person and group of people they will leave a mark on the city, just as it leaves a mark them.

Brieuc Stoffel

Cedric Henry

Simon Preud’ Homme

Diego Mokas

Nicolas Adamskyy

The students will each create a final piece of jewellery that combines traditional Jewellery making techniques and materials with components that have been digitally designed and laser cut from acrylic sheet.  This portion of the project has been sponsored by FABberz who have kindly supplied acrylic sheet and laser cutting services.


FABberz – offers laser cutting & engraving, large format printing, high-quality 3D printing, and expert design/CAD services

Brieuc’s laser-cut pieces

Nicolas’s laser-cut pieces

Simon’s laser-cut pieces

Cedric’s laser-cut pieces

Diego’s laser-cut pieces

Stay tuned as each of the students will write a blog post detailing their experience and work in London – you can keep up to date by visiting baj.ac.uk/blog.

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