a ring is a ring is a ring student interview - Bhavna Neill | BAJ

a ring is a ring is a ring student interview – Bhavna Neill

a ring is a ring is a ring student interview – Bhavna Neill

a ring is a ring is a ring showcases the work of a year-long collaboration between students of three leading European Jewellery Schools: Alchimia: Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence, Italy, Hochschule Trier, Idar Oberstein, Germany and British Academy of Jewellery, London & Birmingham, UK. In this series, we interview the students who participated in the project.


What materials and techniques have you used to create your piece showcased in The Koppel Project Exhibition?

Materials used are Cocobolo Wood, Silver, Resin and Diamonds. The piece I’ve chosen as the main piece as it was the first one to finish is the wooden ring with a silver ring inside the shank. The ring is called ‘Yearning’. It is a large ring with a basket like dome with holes.

So the show is titled A RING is A RING is  A RING, can you tell us what a ring is to you?

A ring is about a memory of a loving moment or a memory of someone special.


What other pieces in the show do you find interesting and why?

My collection? If it is about my collection, I like all of them, but the one I like the most is the silver ring with resin and diamonds. If it’s someone else’s ring, I like the ring that is made by David, which is a scull and cross with a carving of Christ. I admire the workmanship and the intricate carving.

This was a collaborative project and included 3 other schools, what was the experience like and what have you learned from it?

Very interesting to see how other colleges work and what different things they have brought to the project. I learnt that jewellery doesn’t have to be a traditional piece, but that it could be anything and made from any materials other than metal. I learnt to let my creativity loose and think more art.

A Ring Is A Ring Exhibition

What is your background?

I was born in Uganda, but grew up in Holland. I am originally Indian. I studied BA Hons in Education

Why have you become a jeweller?

It is in my blood! My ancestors and most of my family and extended family, including my Indian community are mostly jewellers or own businesses in the Jewellery trade. I wish I had started much earlier. I can loose myself completely when I’m working at the bench.


What are your plans for the future?

I plan to have my own collections exhibit at galleries and exhibitions.

Why should someone visit the show?

The collections are all unique and very interesting. Every piece is different and made from all sorts of materials. It is very contemporary.


Where can we find more information about you and your work?

On my Instagram ‘bhavnaneill‘. I am working on my website.

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