a ring is a ring is a ring student interview - Timea Sebestyén | BAJ

a ring is a ring is a ring student interview – Timea Sebestyén

a ring is a ring is a ring student interview – Timea Sebestyén

a ring is a ring is a ring showcases the work of a year-long collaboration between students of three leading European Jewellery Schools: Alchimia: Contemporary Jewellery School, Florence, Italy, Hochschule Trier, Idar Oberstein, Germany and British Academy of Jewellery, London & Birmingham, UK. In this series, we interview the students who participated in the project.

Timea Sebestyén portrait picture
Timea Sebestyén

Can you tell us a little more about the piece you have on display in the show?

The work that I have on display in the show is a series of rings. A repetition of one simple shape but each have different materials encapsulated in clear resin in the inside of the rings. They look like ordinary jewellery but only the wearer knows that they have something precious hidden and protected by the brass close to their skin.

So the show is titled A RING is A RING is  A RING, can you tell us what a ring is to you?

A ring for me is a gateway between the present time and memories.

3 rings, clear resin with 3 different materials on the inside
3 rings on display from Xiaoxi Chen

What other pieces in the show do you find interesting and why?

Xiaoxi Chen’s work is very interesting. She is using a very straightforward element – the cable tie – in her works to leave no doubt in the viewer of what she expects from a ring: security.

This was a collaborative project and included 3 other schools, what was the experience like and what have you learned from it?

It was uplifting to see so many people having the same interest as me and despite this the works are very different. For this to happen, I think every one of us had to dig deep into themselves and be brave enough to share the results with the world.

Through this experience, I have been reminded not to wander too far looking for answers, but instead I close my eyes, pay attention and wait patiently.

a ring is: "orin" brass, resin, turqoise
a ring is: "orin" brass, resin, turqoise
Timea holding her ring from the show

What is your background?

I was born in Transylvania. I am three quarters Hungarian and quarter Romanian. I studied Sculpture in high school and have a Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture.

Why have you become a jeweller?

I started making simple jewellery for myself and wanted to know how the “proper” jewellery is made. Jewellery is a form of art that is very personal to the wearer as it is in direct physical contact with them.

a ring is
a ring is

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I would like to further explore how different textures, materials, colours can be used in jewellery to act as a vivifier of memories and past experiences.

Why should someone visit the show?

The show is the result of our individual understanding and views on rings, so it is going to be very eye opening.

Launch night at 'a ring is a ring is a ring' exhibition with a room full of guests looking at the pieces
Launch night at 'a ring is a ring is a ring'
Follow Timea on her website and instagram
Follow Timea on her website and instagram

Where can we find more information about you and your work?

You can find me on www.timeasebestyen.co.uk  and Instagram: timeasebestyen_jewellery

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