Starting a course with us this spring? Here’s what to expect when studying during quarantine | BAJ

Starting a course with us this spring? Here’s what to expect when studying during quarantine

Starting a course with us this spring? Here’s what to expect when studying during quarantine

BAJ’s Jewellery Fundamentals course begins this spring. But what can students expect from this hands-on programme with lockdown restrictions currently in place and how can they continue studying during quarantine? Not to worry – we’ve made all the arrangements so that aspiring jewellers joining us this spring can still expect the same world-class BAJ education.

jewellery making equipmentA specially adapted calendar

35% of our Jewellery Fundamentals programme can be administered online, and no changes need to be made to the curriculum. With this in mind, we’ve modified our calendar so that the course starts with remote classes focused on these modules. Students will therefore begin their journey with us online- studying during quarantine, before moving onto hands-on, in-person classes once the lockdown has been lifted to complete the workshop hours necessary to obtain the qualification — which will not be reduced. In this way, you’ll learn exactly what you would have before the pandemic, but in an order that we’ve adapted to suit the current context.

The first phase of online classes will include lectures, discussions, seminars and workshops on subjects ranging from professional practice to design. During this time, students will also dive deep into jewellery studies and begin exploring creative techniques. You’ll also complete design projects focusing on technical and orthographic drawing, which lead you through the design development process, all the way from research and idea generation to the creation of professional technical drawings.

BAJ jewellery course remote studying during quarantineCutting-edge online learning

Like all of our remote programmes, the digital part of the Jewellery Fundamentals course will be delivered via BAJ’s innovative online learning environment, Canvas. Here you will be able to watch live video classes and demonstrations, as well as participate in discussions and debates. It will also be possible to receive personalised feedback live, just as you would in a physical classroom. Students are advised that the best way to take part in these sessions is with a laptop, but it is possible to participate using only a smart phone.

The platform also provides a space where students can interact with each other and tutors. This means that you can reap the full benefits of working alongside our expert teaching staff, who will be available to support you every step of the way, making studying during quarantine an enjoyable experience. On top of this, even though you won’t yet be meeting face to face, you’ll still be able to get to know your fellow learners and expand your jewellery network.

A safe workshop environment

Once the lockdown has lifted, students will be able to get stuck in with the more practical aspects of the course. And to make sure that you can take advantage of our workshop facilities with complete peace of mind, we’ll be taking every precaution necessary to protect your health and safety. From limiting capacity to enforcing strict social distancing and hygiene measures, we’re doing everything we can to reduce risks.

You’ll therefore be free to focus on acquiring key jewellery manufacturing skills! During your time in the workshop, you will learn techniques for measuring, cutting and drilling metal, as well as for polishing and finishing pieces. By the time you’ve finished the course, you will be able to form metal into a domed object, a ring and a chain. You’ll also receive an introduction to lost wax casting and learn to carve a wax for this process.

To find out more about our Jewellery Fundamentals course and the other BAJ programmes starting this spring, take a look at our diploma courses page:

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