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  • How much are the courses?

    Each course costs different amounts depending on the number of teaching hours, equipment, materials and level.  What you pay depends on your age and economic circumstances – you may be eligible for funding which means the amount you pay towards the cost of the course can vary.  Some learners are also eligible for government loans or for bursaries to help with costs. You will find a table of price information outlining the different price bands for different types of learner on each course page.  Alternatively call our Student Services team on 020 7405 0197 to discuss your own circumstances and eligibility for funding, a loan or bursary. 

  • Can I get funding?

    The Government recognises that some of our course can help young people to get a job in the jewellery industry and therefore through grant funding enables us to make them virtually free to young people aged between 16-18, and at a lower rate for others.

    Depending on your age and economic circumstances there are also payment programmes, learner support funds, bursaries and 24+ loans available. To find out more talk to one of our Student Services team on 020 7405 0197 or email admissions@baj.ac.uk.

  • What are the entry requirements?

    Each course has its own specific entry requirements. For the Level 2 courses, there are no entry requirements whatsoever, just enthusiasm and willingness to learn! As the courses get more advanced, the predecessor course or proven experience in the trade of equal worth are required.

  • Are your diplomas accredited?

    Absolutely. Our diploma courses are all accredited by City and Guilds. Our short courses are exemplary certificates but at the moment are not accredited.

  • Can I take two short courses at once?

    As long as the dates outlined in the course outline don’t clash, there should be no reason why you wouldn’t be able to take two at once. However if you’re working full time as well as taking a short course, this is not recommended.

  • When do the courses start?

    Each course has a different start date, and lots of courses have many different strands of courses so if you’re too late to apply to one, don’t worry, there’ll probably be another one to apply to starting shortly.

  • I am an International Student, can I still apply?

    We welcome all International students, over the years we have had learners join us from all over the globe. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide CAS numbers to non EU nationals to enable them to apply for a Tier 4 visa.

  • I have a disability – will I be able to study at the British Academy of Jewellery

    We have a strong policy to not discriminate or treat unfavourably anybody who has any form of disability. We appreciate that all disabilities, both mental and physical affect people in different ways. As such, try and accommodate each individual student as best we can. To discuss this with someone in our admissions department, please email info@baj.ac.uk and for more information contact us or call us on +44 (0) 20 7405 0197.

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