Short Courses

Are you looking to gain new skills or expand your knowledge in a specific area? Look no further than BAJ’s online and in-person short courses. Whether you prefer the convenience of learning from home or the experience of in-person instruction, we offer a wide range of courses to fit your needs. Our world-class tutors provide top tier education and practical skills that you can apply immediately.

No matter your level of expertise in the jewellery industry, we can assist you in expanding your knowledge and skills in various specialist areas. Whether you are a beginner in the jewellery industry or a professional who is looking to upskill, we can help you develop your knowledge and skills in a range of specialist areas. It’s never been easier to invest in your education or enhance your career. Our short courses are available in London and Birmingham.

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3Design CAD for Jewellery: Beginner

Rhino Jewellery CAD: Beginners

Jewellery Bench Skills: Chain Making

Spaces Available!

Wax Carving for Jewellery

Enamelling Techniques: Beginner

Stone Setting Techniques: Beginner

Stone Setting Techniques: Intermediate

Jewellery Bench Skills: Create a Textured Bangle

DeBeers Diamond Foundation Course

Spaces Available!

Jewellery Retail Essentials

Jewellery Business: Designing a Commercial Jewellery Collection

Jewellery Business: Costing and Pricing

Jewellery Business: Creating Lookbooks and Catalogues

Jewellery Business: Building a Branding Package

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The British Academy of Jewellery’s portfolio of jewellery short courses provides a range of innovative new programmes to keep you up-to-date with the latest industry skills and requirements. For all the latest news about new courses, as well as about other exciting projects, initiatives and events, sign up to our newsletter.