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Tips for writing your BA personal statement

Tips for writing your BA personal statement

Writing a personal statement as part of a BA course application can be a daunting task. However, it is not meant to be a test, it is an opportunity to show your unique perspective and passion for your chosen subject, beyond your grades.


The application process for BAJ’s BA (Hons) in Jewellery Design and Production includes a personal statement. Here are some tips from our own staff on how to write an impactful introduction to yourself. 


Showcase your motivation

The main purpose of a personal statement is to show how interested you are in your chosen subject and how motivated you are to succeed in it. Tell us why you have chosen the subject- do you want to pursue a certain career or are you interested in finding new areas to explore? Writing about specific areas of a subject that you are interested in outside of what you have studied in school will show your passion and commitment. 


Tell us about relevant experience

One way to show how motivated you are about the subject is to show activities you have taken part in outside of school which relate to it. These can be formal or informal extra curricular activities but it is not important how many activities you have done. What is important is to show what you have learnt from these activities and how that relates to your chosen subject. You can also mention things that you have experienced in your life and tell us what you have learnt from them, relating it back to the subject. 


Fill in the gaps

If you have any extenuating or unique circumstances surrounding your grades, let us know in your personal statement. This gives the admissions team context for your grades and helps them build a clearer picture of you as an individual. You can also mention what you have learnt from your experiences and even how that has fuelled your interest in your subject. 


Show you are prepared for what’s next 

By reading your personal statement, the admissions team should be able to see that you are prepared for your course of choice. This does not mean having extensive knowledge on the subject or having read the longest list of books. It means that you have thought carefully about choosing your course and have taken steps to decide that it will be right for you. 


Be yourself

Although your personal statement is a formal piece of writing, it is also a chance to show your unique personality. Keep your writing serious but don’t shy away from sharing niche interests, that will help show how interested you really are! 


BAJ’s BA (Hons) in Jewellery Design and Production is a future-facing jewellery degree which mixes design, practical manufacturing, theory, and business skills. Our next intake begins in September, 2023 and the course takes place at our London campus in Camden. Find out more about the course here or sign up for an Open Day here

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