BAJ Podcast | Re-framing Waste

In a world full of objects, and as makers of objects, the agency of objects and materials is fascinating. Why do certain objects become valuable to us, and others not? Today sustainable making is a key consideration, and waste poses a real sustainability challenge. Are there opportunities in waste? Can we re-consider waste sensitively, incorporating it into our practices as tools, materials and actors?

A maker who has been fascinated with the temporality of materials is Katy Gillam-Hull. A maker of objects and jewellery who reflects upon found and archival materials and objects and their capacity for encounter and for accumulating narrative through time. In this episode we talk about her views on waste, ponder materials and their stories, and delve into her practice, where waste is not wasted.

About Katy Gillam-Hull

Katy Gillam-Hull is a London-based crafts artist and teacher with an MA in Jewellery and Metal from the Royal College of Art. Her interdisciplinary approach combines the material sensitivity of craft, the narrative richness of contemporary jewellery and walking art to make tactile and engaging artefacts which are often shared through walks that facilitate embodied material experiences. Her objects, jewellery and walks often reflect upon found and archival materials, their capacity for encounter and for accumulating narrative through time.

Find out more about Katy here.

Examples of Katy’s work

Image supplied courtesy of Katy Gillam-Hull

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