BAJ promotes unity and sustainability with Erasmus project

We are pleased to announce the third year (2020-21) of our participation in the Erasmus “The Future Is Our Jewel” project, which brings together jewellery schools from across Europe in order to share expertise, celebrate diversity and support sustainability.

The project involves two main initiatives: a travelling exhibition featuring work produced by students from participating schools, and study trips.

The theme for the final year of this three-year scheme is “Fire and Future”. Pieces submitted for the travelling exhibition will therefore be designed around the concept of fire, taking inspiration from the rich symbolism of the element, which can signify passion, desire and rebirth, but also destruction.

In light of the project’s overarching objectives, students submitting pieces to be considered for the travelling exhibition are also being asked to take the issues of ethical practice and sustainability into account in their designs.

Along with BAJ, five other schools are participating in the Erasmus scheme: MOKUME Art studies (Thessaloniki, Greece), D.I.E.K. Volos (Volos, Greece), Escola Artística Soares Dos Reis (Porto Portugal), FORAL V. Melchiorre (Valenza, Italy), and Escuela de Arte 3 (Madrid, Spain).

As well as hosting the travelling exhibition, these schools will take part in the project’s study trip exchange. During these trips, students will follow a specially prepared programme which will see them spend time in workshops, attend masterclasses and experiment with new techniques, while also visiting and getting to know the cities where the schools are located.

This year, BAJ students will have the opportunity to apply for trips to Porto, Volos and Thessaloniki.

The 2020-21 travelling exhibition will kick off in Porto in January 2021 and will make its way around all six participating schools by June.

Before then, an exhibition showcasing jewellery pieces made as part of the second year (2019-20) of the Erasmus project will run online from 30 November to 20 December 2020. BAJ staff and students will also be able to view the pieces in a physical exhibition held at our London campus from 9 to 20 December.

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