BAJ Student Lewis Hylton X Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards

Congratulations to our Level 3 student Lewis Hylton who has been shortlisted at the Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards 2023 in the Engineering & Manufacturing Category! We are incredibly excited to announce Lewis as a finalist for the award that showcases the outstanding work and achievement of apprentices from multicultural backgrounds in Britain.

Lewis spoke about his experience as an apprentice at Hockley Mint, saying: 

“I’ve enjoyed life as an apprentice, learning the different aspects of jewellery manufacturing and gaining invaluable skills along the way. Each day is different. My favourite processes have been sizing jewellery, soldering, and buffing. Whilst studying jewellery design and manufacturing at the British Academy of Jewellery and as part of my apprenticeship training, I have learnt a range of industry techniques. This apprenticeship has allowed me to apply my education to real-world scenarios in the workshop.”

Our apprenticeship programme is mutually beneficial for the apprentice and the employer as Richard Bevan, Quality Control Manager of Hockley Mint, explains: 

Hiring an apprentice offers numerous advantages. Firstly, Hockley Mint advocates for utilising local, British talent. As employers, we can train them specifically for available positions, ensuring a perfect fit. Additionally, what makes apprentices appealing is their lack of established habits, which means they come with a fresh perspective and a willingness to learn. Their enthusiasm and adaptability foster innovation and growth within a company. By embracing apprenticeship programs, we can invest in the individual’s future and the development of a skilled and committed workforce, leading to increased productivity and success for us and the British jewellery industry. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement that nurtures a strong partnership between employers and talented individuals in their own communities.”

Taking on an Apprentice is both a cost-effective way to train staff and an efficient way to bring new talent into a business. BAJ’s Apprenticeship programme provides specialist training to budding jewellers, supporting the next generation in the industry and helping jewellery businesses to upskill their workforce. We provide foundational jewellery manufacturing training in our professional-level workshops while participating businesses provide on-the-job training to their Apprentices. This combination of training promotes an adaptable, diverse, and loyal workforce for employers. 

BAJ can put employers in touch with individuals looking for an Apprenticeship using the free recruit and Apprentice service. BAJ can also offer guidance on registering for and accessing Government funding. The new round of Apprenticeships will begin in September 2023 at our London and Birmingham campuses. We’ve received strong interest from learners in our Apprenticeship programme and invite businesses to reach out to to find out more.

The winners will be announced on Thursday 5th October 2023 at the Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards annual gala dinner in Birmingham- we wish Lewis the best of luck!

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