BAJ x Theo Fennell

A group of the academy’s level 4 Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Diploma students worked on harnessing the power of storytelling through jewellery, guided by iconic London-based jeweller Theo Fennell. The students were challenged to design and manufacture a ring representing “the Circle of Life.” Designs should be invested with real emotional and talismanic weight, but must also take into account questions of comfort and practicality. The students were also asked to think about displays or ‘homes’ for the rings when not worn. These criteria have been conceived in order to encourage students to develop thoughtful designs with real commercial relevance.


Alex Montgomery

Alexi Hunt

Anara Pearce

Antonia Speare-Cole

Blaise Zuntner

Brandy Vanstone

Chiara Cossu

Cristian Nicolini

Daniela Nanii

Daria Bartoszuk

Darren Light

Dylan Panikkar

Edward Muller

Emilia Dibiah

Eward Haire

Georgi Tanev

Gianluca Casafredda

Inti Yeung

Joe Varley

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