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All about sapphire jewellery

Blue sapphire stones are some of the most beautiful and desirable gems in the world. Here we explore some of the qualities and uses of these fascinating gems.

BAJ Graduate Stories: Petra Otenšlégrová

In the new episode of our Graduate Stories video series, we talk to Petra Otenšlégrová who recently graduated from our Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Diploma in London.

How do BAJ’s Live Projects prepare students for a career in jewellery design? A conversation with Head of Academy Kate Rieppel

From organising live projects with established brands, to helping students find jewellery placements through our extensive industry network, BAJ does everything it can to prepare its graduates for life after the academy. We sat down with Head of Academy Kate Rieppel to discuss BAJ’s latest live projects and find out more about the academy’s other career-focused initiatives.

Why attend a jewellery school’s virtual open day?

When considering a jewellery school, you’d usually take advantage of an open day to visit in person. While these events may be postponed for now, you can still get to know the schools you’re interested in: virtual open days are a great alternative to a physical visit, allowing you to discover all sorts of information

How to become a jeweller: Finding the right role for you in the jewellery industry

What does it take to become a jeweller? If you have just discovered a passion for jewellery, you may be starting to look for information to help you on your journey to becoming a professional jeweller. Here we’ll go over some of the main questions you may have and help you find your vocation in the jewellery industry!

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