How to become a jeweller: Finding the right role for you in the jewellery industry

What does it take to become a jeweller? If you have just discovered a passion for jewellery, you may be starting to look for information to help you on your journey to becoming a professional jeweller. Where do you start? What skills do you need? Should you look into jewellery making courses? Here we’ll go over some of the main questions you may have and help you find your vocation in the jewellery industry!

What does a jeweller actually do?

If you’re wondering how to become a jeweller, it’s useful to think about the different tasks you might be expected to carry out from day to day. This will depend on the path you decide to take. Independent jewellers design and make their own jewellery to sell, but you could also work as part of a company. As a bench jeweller at a brand or shop, you would manufacture jewellery, but also repair, clean and restore it.

Jewellery is a fast-changing industry, and while some jewellers work with centuries-old tools, others use cutting-edge technology. Many will use a combination of the two, so you might be soldering at the bench one day and using 3D printing the next. Jewellers therefore need to master a specific but broad-ranging skillset, and many will take jewellery making courses to do so. From silver and goldsmithing, engraving and stonesetting, to wax carving and casting, they must cultivate a variety of abilities.

What other professional opportunities are available in the jewellery industry?

If you’re interested in the jewellery industry, becoming a jeweller isn’t your only option. There are a wide range of varied career opportunities in the sector. If you enjoy interacting with people, jewellery retail might be a good path to explore. Combine that outgoing attitude with strong business and leadership skills, and you could end up becoming a store manager.

As a jewellery retail professional, you’ll need to be able to talk to customers about jewellery with confidence. But if you have an analytical mind and an eye for detail, you might also consider jewellery appraisal. And if you have a real scientific streak, there are even opportunities for technicians in jewellery grading labs. Other jewellery fans follow their passion into careers such as marketing or education, or go on to complete further study.

Do jewellers need to take jewellery making courses?

You don’t need any formal qualifications to become a jeweller. However, taking jewellery making courses will give you a solid foundation in the skills you will require. Whether you want to become an independent jeweller or a bench jeweller at a brand, it’s essential to develop practical manufacturing skills. 

Along with teaching you how to become a jeweller, a course allows you to experience different aspects of the industry. You’ll therefore be able to make the right decision about your career path in the jewellery sector. On top of this, jewellery making courses are highly regarded by employers, who know that graduates are skilled professionals. And you’ll get all these benefits in a space that will also introduce you to the latest issues and trends in jewellery and allow you to start building a network in the sector.

So, whether you have a particular career path in mind or just want to see where jewellery might take you, enrolling in a jewellery course is a solid first step.

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