Our charity auction in support of Blueprint for All goes live

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Charity Jewellery Auction in support of Blueprint for All, which runs from 30th March to 4th April 2021. The auction features a total of 75 pieces made and donated both by members of our BAJ community and external jewellers.

By Sally Collins

All proceeds from the silent auction will be donated to Blueprint for All (formerly the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust), a non-profit organisation that works to empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Through mentorship programmes and campaigning for equal access and opportunities for everyone, the charity seeks to create an inclusive society.

“Inclusivity and empowerment are core values at BAJ, so a community initiative in support of Blueprint for All was a natural fit for us,” said Kate Rieppel, BAJ Head of Academy. “We’re proud to be able to support this important organisation’s essential work with young people and communities.”

By Malcolm Appleby

“Blueprint for All is a charity that is very close to my heart. Every young person should have the opportunity to find out about different careers and identify what they really love,” said jeweller Joanne Haywood, who contributed a pendant to the auction. “Support in choosing which route to take and how to get there is vital. Access to mentors, role models and opportunities can be life changing. It is wonderful to see so many people in the jewellery community supporting this silent auction.”

By Miranda Sharpe

“It’s been amazing to receive so many contributions for the auction,” said Sally Collins, BAJ Technical Diploma Coordinator and auction organiser. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity shown by our community, as well as by the sheer range and quality of the pieces that we have received.”

The event is a silent auction. Participants can bid anonymously via our website. Bidding for each piece starts at just £10. 

Click here to bid on the auction jewellery! 

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