Rhino Jewellery CAD: Beginners

Learn to use Rhino CAD software for jewellery design and manufacturing. Suited for both current and aspiring Jewellers who want to boost their 3D design skills by getting to grips with CAD software, BAJ’s three-day Rhino Jewellery CAD: Beginners course will teach you how to model and render jewellery designs using Rhino 3D, a NURBS modelling programme especially conceived for fine jewellery.



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3 days (16.5 hours)


10:00 – 16:30


Birmingham, London


Course Description

Tailored for both current and aspiring jewellers, this course will teach you to navigate the Rhino 3D interface, create basic to intermediate 3D jewellery designs, and prepare your files for 3D printing, ensuring a smooth transition from digital model to physical prototype.


Perfect for those looking to enhance their 3D design skills, this course provides a solid foundation in CAD software specifically designed for fine jewellery. Whether you’re new to the industry or looking to upgrade your design process, BAJ’s Rhino Jewellery CAD: Beginners course will equip you with the skills needed to bring your jewellery designs to life with professional precision.

Entry requirements

Students should already be confident with using a computer (whether Mac or PC).

Fees do not include software, however, the software is available on BAJ campus computers which you will have access to during your course.

If you wish to use your own device, you will need to ensure they have Rhino installed and running on their PC before they start. A 90-day demo of the software can be downloaded from Rhino3D.com.

Fees & funding


Does not include software.

If you are a student or alumni of the past 3 years, you may be entitled to a 10% discount. To find out if you are eligible, please enquire to speak with our recruitment team.

What You Will Learn

By the end of the course, you will be able to model and render jewellery designs using Rhino 3D, a NURBS modelling CAD program specifically designed for fine jewellery. You will also gain confidence in applying your existing knowledge of jewellery-making tolerances to producing objects suitable for 3D printing and jewellery casting.


Day one

  • Introductions and explanations of CAD and CAM
  • An overview of the Rhino interface
  • Building objects with curves, including Explode Join, Rebuild, Split, Trim, Fillet and Offset
  • Organising models with Layers
  • Precision modelling with Snaps and Osnaps
  • Basic transformation commands, including Move, Rotate, Scale, and Mirror
  • Using the Extrude command


Day two

  • Using the Profile Placer
  • Sweep1
  • Basic ring construction
  • Band rings
  • Solitaire rings
  • Booleans
  • Building stone settings
  • Revolve and Rail Revolve
  • Eternity bands
  • Preparing a file for 3D printing
  • Basic rendering methods


Day three

  • Using the Loft command
  • Using the 2 Rail Sweep
  • Making a pinched shank
  • Review of strategies for building models
  • Breaking down shapes into simpler commands
  • Basic tolerances for 3D printing and casting


Upon completing this beginners’ course, students may consider our other Rhino short courses; Organic Jewellery CAD Sculpting with Rhino Subdivision Tools, and Modelling Signet Rings and Medallions in Jewellery CAD.


In line with the Customer Act, we reserve the right to close a course
– if there are insufficient student numbers to make the course financially viable.

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