Wax Carving for Jewellery

Learn to carve wax models with which you can create stunning jewellery pieces. Ideal for beginner and intermediate-level jewellers looking to expand their skill set, our five-day wax carving course will introduce you to a wide range of different wax carving techniques that you will use to make a series of finished models that can be cast in a metal of your choice.

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5 days


10:00 – 16:00

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Birmingham, London


Course description

Lost wax casting is a centuries-old technique that allows jewellers to create astounding finished pieces featuring beautifully intricate designs. Wax carving is therefore an invaluable and versatile skill opening up a world of new design possibilities for jewellers of all levels. Delivered in our professional-quality bench workshops, the programme provides you with all the wax carving tools and materials you need. The course is taught in small groups, meaning you get the individual attention you need to effectively build your wax carving skills.

Entry requirements

No previous experience is required, this course is suitable for beginners.

Fees & funding


No funding is available for short courses but as a student or alumni of the past 3 years, you may be entitled to a 10% discount. To find out if you are eligible, please enquire to speak with our recruitment team.

What you will learn

During the course, you will learn how the lost wax casting process works and discover how to create designs for wax carving and carve from a block of jewellery wax. You will also practise finishing castings and creating and sizing rings in wax. You will use this knowledge to make a series of finished wax pieces, which you can take to a professional casting company to have cast in a metal of your choice. BAJ will provide you with information about companies you can approach to get your pieces cast.

This 5-day wax carving for jewellery course will cover all the basic techniques required to produce beautifully hand-carved pieces of jewellery in wax.

The course will include the following:

  • How the lost wax casting process works
  • How to create designs for wax carving
  • How to carve from a block of jewellery wax
  • How to finish castings
  • How to create rings and size them in wax
  • Information about casting companies and where to go to get your pieces cast


You will make several wax samples, and a series of finished pieces (rings, pendants, you decide!) of your choice. You can then take these pieces to a professional casting company and arrange to cast them in a metal of your choice.


Learners who complete our wax carving course can further expand their skillset by undertaking other BAJ short courses or may consider signing up for one of our jewellery diploma programmes.

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