Tannaz Alizadeh Irani

The project “THE FUTURE IS OUR JEWEL” brings together 6 partner schools around a common formation in the creation of jewellery, but whose cultural, heritage and professional histories are multiple. 

For the second year of the Future is our Jewel, our students focused on the topics: air and the present; the pivotal themes for the second year of the project.

While exploring contemporary jewellery, our students posed questions around the social and environmental implications of pollution and climate change, and how it affects our world’s air quality. 

Our aim was to heighten awareness of these issues and equip students with the skills to express their findings through design and making.

This year is a link between the first and the third year of the project. In the present we maintain techniques and materials from the world’s jewellery heritage but at the same time, include modifications and technological advances of the future. Our students worked with both traditional and contemporary techniques, from the UK and around the world to highlight the internationality of the project.


Agata Karwoska

Belinda Mary Hale

Bradley Colloff

Caroline Burke

Cassandra Maria Iosub

Chloe Leslie

Chloe Leslie

Dorottya Feher

Eleanor Jackson

Eleanor Jackson

Hanifah Allen

Heather Blake

Inti Yeung

Inti Yeung

Jackson Bartlett

Jackson Bartlett

Michelle Bourke

Petra Otenslegrova

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