Mastering Orthographic Drawing: A Comprehensive Guide for Jewellers

Orthographic drawing example of a ring with a focal faceted gemstone at the centre

Orthographic drawing, also known as technical drawing or engineering drawing, is a fundamental skill that holds immense value in the field of jewellery design. In this blog, we will explore what orthographic drawing entails and why it is essential for all jewellers to master this skill. Whether you are an aspiring jeweller or an established […]

BAJ Podcast | The physical reality of the virtual

BAJ Podcast banner image showing guest PatrĂ­cia Domingues

When we speak about the digital world, we use words such as the cloud for data storage, and the metaverse for a virtual reality. But as Dr. PatrĂ­cia Domingues aptly points out with her research and work, the very real physical realities to enable the use of digital tools, requiring increasingly more data, is very […]

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