BAJ Podcast | Mokume gane and craftsmanship

In this episode of the BAJ Podcast, BAJ talks to jewellery designer, researcher and educator Jim Binnion on his expertise of Japanese metalworking technique mokume gane, craftsmanship and sharing knowledge.

Jim Binnion of James Binnion Metal Arts is a metalsmithing and goldsmithing instructor, researcher and jeweller who developed his own technique for making mokume gane using an electric kiln. With over 30 years experience as a jeweller, and having published a book on metals for jewellers, Jim is sought out for his expertise. He shares his knowledge speaking at conferences and through publishing papers. He taught his first mokume gane workshop in 1984 and has been teaching, wititng and giving professional presentations ever since.

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Read Jim’s published papers on mokume gane (

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