BAJ Visitors, Customers and Stakeholders Complaints Policy

1. Introduction

The purpose of this policy is to describe the process by which any complaint or dissatisfaction expressed to, and about, the British Academy of Jewellery (BAJ) is resolved. BAJ aims to provide a quality service which meets the highest expectations of its staff. It welcomes all constructive feedback on its activities, whether positive or negative and recognises that such expressions provide an opportunity to improve the quality of service or facilities that we provide. It is also considered important that complaints and dissatisfactions are recorded, and that they are dealt with as fairly and quickly and as possible.

2. Purpose

The principles underpinning this procedure are that BAJ will:

  • Consider external complaints impartially and professionally within reasonable timeframes.
  • Encourage informal resolution where possible.
  • Give fair and full consideration of complaints made.
  • Respect the privacy of customers and disclose only the information necessary in order to process the complaint.

3. Scope

This policy is in effect from 31st August 2023.

British Academy of Jewellery (BAJ) is part of the Free2Learn Group (F2L). This policy is for anyone who is affected by the activities of BAJ including those receiving or seeking a service or who have been subject to a decision of BAJ.

This procedure is not to be used by current students who are enrolled at BAJ. Such students should refer to the BAJ Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Students document found on the BAJ Website. In addition, this Procedure should not be used by staff. Staff should use the BAJ Grievance Policy.

If an individual complains to BAJ about the service of another organisation, but BAJ is not involved in the issue, the individual should be advised to contact the appropriate organisation directly.

4. Definitions

For the purpose of this procedure, a complaint may be defined as an expression of dissatisfaction by one or more individuals about the standard of service, action, or lack of action by or on behalf of BAJ.

This procedure covers complaints made by someone other than a student, contractor, or member of staff which may relate to:

  • Failure to provide a service.
  • The quality and standard of service.
  • The failure of BAJ to follow an appropriate administrative procedure.
  • Treatment by or attitude of a staff member, student, external speaker or contractor.
  • Inappropriate behaviour by a staff member, student, external speaker or contractor.
  • Being prevented from arranging, speaking at or attending an event of the type envisaged by the HE Freedom of Speech and External Speaker Policy.
  • Alleged infringements of freedom of speech. 
  • Allegations that an external speaker at an event breached or is likely to breach the external speaker code of conduct.

5. Related documents

  • HE Student Complaints Policy
  • HE Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech Policy
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Grievance Policy

6. Responsibilities

Formal investigation when the complaint is against a senior post holder is referred to the BAJ Principal.

All complaints raised by completion of a CE1 or CE2 form are received by the Head of Operations of BAJ.

Complaints will not be considered unless the appropriate forms are submitted. CE1 and CE2 forms are available from and

7. Risk analysis

Failure to have a clear procedure, or not following the procedure may result in the inconsistent or unfair handling of complaints which leads to poor external stakeholder perception and potential financial cost and compensation. 

If enquiries to an outside organisation in relation to the complaint are required, care will be taken to comply with Data Protection legislation and the guidance on handling personal information. Such complaints may include, for example, a complaint about a catering service.

All notes, letters and complaint logs will be stored securely for a period of 5 years.

8. Procedure 

Informal stage – Early resolution and mediation

Complaints can usually be resolved quickly and satisfactorily on an informal basis. If possible, the customer should contact the Manager of the area most directly involved with the situation with a view to resolving the issues informally.

If the member of staff can resolve the issue, a brief note of the issue circumstances and resolution should be sent via their line manager to the Head of Operations for logging. The member of staff should give feedback to the customer that their concern has been addressed.

If the member of staff receiving the complaint or dissatisfaction cannot resolve the problem it will be forwarded to the BAJ Manager responsible for the area to which the source of the concern relates, for investigation and response. The member of staff must:

  • Agree with the customer involved the most appropriate way of dealing with the concern.
  • Ensure the person understands that s/he has a right to make a formal complaint.
  • Ensure that brief details of the issue are written down and passed to their line manager.
  • Agree with the customer involved whether a personal response is required.

Complaints investigated at a local level by the appropriate member of staff should be completed within fifteen working days from the receipt of the complaint.

If a resolution cannot be found, a CE1 form should be completed by the customer within three calendar months of the first incident taking place. To lodge a formal complaint the customer where appropriate, must have attempted to resolve the issue informally.

Stage 1 – Formal CE1 stage

A formal complaint is raised by the customer completing and submitting a CE1 Form to the Head of Operations. The CE1 Form must be submitted within three calendar months of the date on which the event complained about occurred. If the complaint relates to a series of incidents or events, you must make the complaint within three calendar months of the first incident or event.

Formal complaints will not be considered unless the appropriate forms are submitted.

The customer is asked on the CE1 Form to outline what informal measures have been initiated to resolve the issue, or why informal resolution was not pursued before submission of the CE1 Form.

When we receive the completed CE1 form, the Head of Operations will send it to the relevant Manager/designated member of BAJ staff, who will then investigate the complaint. They will normally reply in writing within 20 working days of receiving the complaint. Both sides will have the chance to state their case. A copy of the reply will be sent to the Head of Operations.

Stage 2 – Formal CE2 stage

If the complaint is not resolved, it may move to stage 2. A CE2 form should be completed by the customer within 20 working days of the date of the written outcome of the CE1 stage. The sides may change the time limit to take account of the difficulties of either or both sides being able to access information over holiday periods. In such cases, written notice must be communicated by either side outlining the reason for a delay.

Formal complaints will not be considered unless the appropriate forms are submitted

On receipt of a completed CE2 form, the Head of Operations will send it to the Accountable Officer at BAJ or designated other. Having considered the complaint, the decisions will be communicated in writing, normally within 20 working days of receiving a completed CE2 form. A copy of the reply will be sent to the Head of Operations for logging, and should it be necessary, to enhance, review or amend any practices or procedures considering the outcome.

In considering the complaint the Accountable Officer at BAJ or designated other will not reinvestigate the complaint. They will review

  • The procedures followed at the formal stage.
  • Whether the outcome was reasonable.
  • New material which, for valid reasons, were not provided earlier in the process.
Complaints against members of staff

In the event of a complaint being made against a member of staff, or if during CE1/CE2 stages of the investigation, it is found that a member of staff may have failed to carry out proper procedures or has not acted with integrity or competence the Head of Operations must inform the member of staff’s Line Manager and the procedure below followed.

If the complaint refers to a matter of procedure or failing to meet standards, the Line Manager should deal with it through normal performance management processes.

If the complaint is a potential case of misconduct or gross misconduct, the Head of Operations should refer the matter to the Head of Human Resources, where an investigation is instigated, following the BAJ Disciplinary Policy and Procedure.

Anonymous complaints

Complaints submitted anonymously will be considered if there is enough information in the complaint to enable BAJ to make further enquiries. If, however, an anonymous complaint does not provide enough information to enable BAJ to take further action, BAJ may decide not to pursue it further. However, consideration may be given to the issues raised, and BAJ will record the complaint so that corrective action can be taken if appropriate.

Acknowledgement, logging, corrective action and reporting

On receipt of a formal complaint by the Head of Operations it will be dated and logged. The formal complaint will be acknowledged within 6 working days of receipt by the Head of Operations stating that the matter is under investigation and giving an indication of the date when the customer can expect a reply. If this date is not met, then a letter will be sent updating the customer and modifying the scheduled completion date. Complaints will be logged and stored centrally. Hard copy information is destroyed once scanned, stored, and archived securely in accordance with data protection. An anonymised report analysing all complaints (informal and formal) is reviewed at BAJ’s Academic Board held at least once a semester. The Head of Operations acts as soon as it is practical, should it be necessary, to enhance, review or amend any practices or procedures as a result of a complaint.

Unless we decide to re-investigate your concerns, the decision of our Formal CE2 Stage is final and represents the end of our complaints process.

Originator: Quality Manager: Higher Education

Issue: HE/AFS_V2 2023

Approved: SMT November 2023

Review Date: August 2024

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