Create your jewellery portfolio with BAJ this summer

This summer, the British Academy of Jewellery is launching its “Intensive Techniques for Jewellery Making” short course. Taking place from 5th to 9th July, this exciting, practical programme allows students to create a portfolio of jewellery pieces, while perfecting their manufacturing techniques and undertaking creative experimentation. Here we look at some of the major benefits of the course.

Why create a jewellery portfolio?

Creating a jewellery portfolio involves producing a range of different samples, test pieces and finished work. The result is therefore an excellent way to showcase your skills and creativity. A strong jewellery portfolio will provide a fantastic basis for future applications, both for jobs and jewellery courses. In this way, developing a portfolio can serve as preparation before applying for BAJ’s own Diploma or BA programmes.

Challenging yourself to make a range of different pieces for a portfolio is also a great exercise for developing creativity. The process allows you to experiment with new techniques that you may not have considered using before, allowing you to round out your skillset and opening up new creative avenues. Furthermore, if you’ve had some time away from the bench, creating a jewellery portfolio could be the project you need to get you started again, giving you the chance to refresh your skills and reboot your inspiration.

So what does the course involve?

Our “Intensive Techniques for Jewellery Making” course is a hands-on five-day programme. It is structured around a series of technical exercises designed to develop muscle memory when working with hand tools. This means that you will be able to rapidly improve the speed and accuracy of your hand jewellery making. We also deliver the course in small groups, so you will be able to receive the personalised guidance you need to make real progress.

The programme’s content strikes a balance between practising and perfecting essential jewellery skills and experimentation. Subjects covered include measuring, marking, piercing and filing metal, as well as stone mount carving, hinge and catch making, and a variety of soldering techniques. You will therefore refine a comprehensive skillset for making a wide range of finished pieces, all while creating your own jewellery portfolio and experimenting with new processes.

And what comes next?

There are a lot of options you might consider after completing the “Intensive Techniques for Jewellery Making” course. If you want to continue studying jewellery, the course will have provided you with a solid preparation for further training. An ideal path for progression, if you’re serious about jewellery, would be BAJ’s three-year Diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing, starting with the foundation year Jewellery Fundamentals. There’s also BAJ’s BA (Hons) in Jewellery Design and Production, which seeks to educate the next generation of boundary-pushing jewellers.

Alongside these educational options, your newly created portfolio will allow you to explore new professional opportunities. Whether you’re thinking of applying for apprenticeships or manufacturing positions, our summer course will stand you in good stead.

To find out more about BAJ’s “Intensive Techniques for Jewellery Making” course and enrol, click here.

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