FE Break in Learning Procedure 2022/23


Procedure Review

This procedure will be reviewed in full annually        

The procedure was last reviewed and agreed by Terry Patterson Quality Manager, on the 9th September 2022.

It is due for review in August 2023.


Aim of the Policy

This policy provides detail on the procedures and processes involved when a learner is suspended from their course, traineeship, pre-apprenticeship or apprenticeship; and applies to all learners enrolled onto any type of programme at the Academy.


This policy must be read in conjunction with the Learner Disciplinary Policy and related procedures.      


A ‘Break in Learning’ is where a learner takes a temporary break from their studies and can only be authorised by the Head of the relevant department.


Break in Learning 

  • The Academy can authorise a Break in Learning where:
  • The learner/apprentice requires time away from studies due to long-term documented illness
  • The learner/apprentice has evidence of extenuating circumstances such as a bereavement
  • The apprentice has lost his/her employment

The member of staff requesting a break in learning will complete and submit to the Quality Manager a ‘Break in Learning Request Form’, attaching evidence of last day of learning along with all other relevant evidence e.g. letters, emails, incident reports or communication from external organisations, call logs, meeting minutes etc.  The length of a Break in Learning will depend on the individual situation and will have a set date for review. Typically a break in learning would last for one calendar year.



  • The Academy can authorise Suspension where:
  • The learner breaches the learner charter agreement and/or behaves in a way that constitutes misconduct or that brings the Academy into disrepute.
  •  In these circumstances, staff will follow the Learner Disciplinary Procedure.


Authorised maximum length of time that a learner can be suspended


Maximum suspension period

Level 2 Design Make Sell

3 lessons

Level 3 Diploma Jewellery Manufacturing and Design

4 lessons or 2 weeks for accelerated courses

Level 4 and Level 5 Diploma Jewellery Manufacturing and Design

4 lessons 2 weeks for accelerated courses


3 days of employment or lessons at the Academy


 Health Related Reasons

  • A learner, who has been placed on a break in learning for health related reasons, may only be permitted to return to their class on submission of a written confirmation letter from a registered doctor or medical practitioner. The letter must confirm that the learner is fit to return to their programme of learning. 
  • In the event that the break in learning requires a delay in the completion of the course an extenuating circumstances form will have to be completed and reviewed by the Quality Manager.
  • The final decision for a learner to return will be taken by the Quality Manager.
  • If the learner subsequently enrols onto another course, he or she will pay the full fee for the course, including any increases. Money paid for previous courses cannot be transferred.

If a learner is under 18 years of age, they must attend the review or exit meeting with a parent or legal guardian. If a learner is 18 years or older, they can choose somebody to attend the review meeting with them.

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