Unleash Your Creativity: Transforming Jewellery with 3Design CAD for Beginners

Since the UK jewellery industry adopted Computer-Aided Design (CAD) on a large scale back in 2007, CAD and 3D printing continue to change the way jewellery is designed, manufactured, and sold in many ways. As a response to the particular needs of jewellery manufacturing, specialised CAD programmes have been developed.

If you are a budding jeweller or an experienced jeweller looking to expand your options for manufacturing, our “3Design CAD for Jewellery: Beginners” course offered by the British Academy of Jewellery would be an excellent way to build your confidence in 3D CAD modelling for jewellery manufacturing.

Understanding the Particular Strengths of 3Design

3Design CAD relies on a particular method of modelling known as Parametric modelling. This means the object you create are not built in terms of geometry but in terms of stages. This means each stage of the model’s creation can be changed, and all subsequent stages will automatically adjust themselves.

This method of modelling, when combined with CAM technologies like 3D printing or CNC milling, allows users to make very easy and inexpensive changes to their 3D models before they’re ever manufactured, greatly reducing the cost of bespoke design.

While many other 3D CAD modelling programs currently used in jewellery have some ability to make these changes to models, what makes parametric modelling unique in this respect is just how powerful this flexibility can be. With 3Design, size ranges for rings are easy, as are making standard models for a collection which can be easily customised later.

Why Choose a Jewellery CAD Course?

One of the British Academy of Jewellery’s strengths has always been its seamless integration of CAD/CAM and digital technologies into the traditional jewellery-making process. We understand how the traditional hand-drawn design process can be augmented by 3D modelling, and how 3D CAD relies upon the traditional manufacturing tools and techniques which have been the mainstay of jewellery education for centuries.

BAJ’s “3Design CAD for Beginners” jewellery course is designed to give those already in the industry the benefit of that CAD training for which we are so well-known. 

What to Expect from the Course

The purpose of this jewellery course is to provide learners with a practical overview of all the major tools and techniques needed to construct 3D objects in 3Design’s Paramatric CAD interface. By the end of the course, students should have some starting points for confidently solving their own design problems and constructing 3D models for 3D printing or CNC milling.

Want to know more about the course content? Check the course page here for a full summary of the course’s syllabus, including specific concepts taught.

Why This Course Is Ideal for Beginners

For those new to CAD, the prospect might seem intimidating. However, our course is designed with beginners in mind:

Step-by-Step Learning: 

The course progresses gradually, ensuring you grasp each concept before moving on to the next.

Practical Application: 

In addition to teaching the tools and techniques of 3Design Parametric CAD modelling, the course focuses on a practical understanding of tolerances for 3D printing. This is done to ensure your 3D-printed models will be successful when produced.

Guided by Experts:

The course is taught by well-known industry CAD specialist Jack Meyer, who has been delivering CAD Training to the UK jewellery industry since 2006.

Embrace the Future of Jewellery 

Considering how prominent CAD has become in the jewellery industry over the last 16 years, it is always a good investment for jewellery professionals to learn new tools. The “3Design CAD for Jewellery: Beginners” course offered by BAJ equips you with the skills needed to navigate the intersection of design and technology.

Whether you’re a student, an aspiring professional, or already working in the jewellery industry, this course could be your entry point into learning an entirely new method of manufacturing your original jewellery designs. Unleash your creativity and embark on a journey that merges artistry with technology, opening up a world of limitless possibilities.

Enrol now in the “3Design CAD for Jewellery: Beginners” course. Visit https://baj.ac.uk/product/3design-cad-for-jewellery-beginner/ to learn more and take the first step towards becoming a proficient CAD-enabled jewellery designer. BAJ’s “3Design CAD for Jewellery: Beginners” course is delivered virtually over 6 weeks. You will be required to attend each session. 

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