Gemmology for Beginners

Learn to identify and understand gemstones on our Gemmology for Beginners short course. Taking place over two days, this programme will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of gemmology: the science of gemstones.

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Course description

Open to enthusiasts, students, retailers and jewellery industry professionals, our Gemmology for Beginners course provides learners with skills that are essential for those working in the sector and highly rewarding for jewellery lovers of all kinds.

Entry requirements

No previous experience is required, this course is suitable for beginners.

Fees & funding


No funding is available for short courses.

What you will learn

Our two-day Gemmology for Beginners course covers the following topics:

  • Understanding optical properties of gemstones
  • Understanding physical properties of gemstones
  • Identifying the difference between synthetic and natural gemstones


On completion of the beginner level course, we highly recommend taking our Gemmology for Intermediates course to gain a more in-depth, technical understanding of gemstones.

We also offer beginner level and intermediate level courses in diamond grading.

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